Quality, Health, Safety, Security en Environment


We are proud of our BSC safety culture, which we radiate and which directly affects our quality. We are constantly striving for improvements beyond the general expectations.

The BSC has short communication channels so that we can react quickly. To ensure maximum safety, we work in accordance with ISO standard 9001: 2015. As a customer, you can trust BSC to do its utmost to deliver the best possible quality.
This structure ensures a long-term profit for all involved and thus guarantees a good quality.

In short, BSC is a chartering company with short distances, strict controls and fair results.Thanks to many years of experience, we have a high degree of know-how, which we pass on directly to our employees, subcontractors and partners.

“We set high standards and clear goals”

Edgar Seeberg, Manager Germany


We strive to continuously improve the safety, health and wellbeing of all persons working within the BSC.

BSC is constantly working on improving work processes and procedures to ensure safe work, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

We work in close co-operation with a permanent independent security office to provide joint training, pre-Ebis checks, audits and security management processes.


BSC meets very high safety standards

By working according to SMS procedures, we create the conditions to always be safe at work, on the way to work and from work on the way home.

We continually invest in developing and improving procedures, training our employees, and improving the safety awareness of all employees.
In addition, we encourage our employees to improve themselves and work to make the system even better. “Near-Misses” en “Lessons learned” are used to further enhance safety within the BSC.


To reduce the theft or misuse of dangerous goods that can be dangerous to people, goods or the environment, we take extensive precautionary measures.

The on-board security system is based on the Ship Safety Plan and the Security and Cyber Security Procedures.


Everything in our company is focused on sustainability:

BSC considers environmental protection as one of its priorities by limiting the negative impact of doing business and therefore takes all necessary measures at work to protect the environment from pollution.

We explicitly support the protection and conservation of the environment.

50% of our fleet already holds the “Green Award Certificate”.